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BEST can help you Save Energy and Money

BEST can help building owners, condo associations, and renters find the BEST ways to save energy and money. We will complete an inspection of your property and provide a free estimate for all potential energy saving measures. We will connect you with state financing for upgrades and support you through the application process. If there are programs to support your energy upgrades will we connect you with the right resources to save you money. Then you choose the measures you are ready to upgrade. We offer Insulation, HVAC, Windows, Solar and more. Call us to learn how you start saving money and energy today.
Income-Eligible Energy Efficiency Services

BEST can connect you with The Home Energy Solutions – Income-Eligible (HES-IE) program

The HES-IE program is supported by Energize Connecticut. It provides valuable weatherization measures to help renters or homeowners reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. HES-IE is a free service for income-eligible residents. In addition to the HES weatherization services, households may qualify for insulation, and energy-efficient appliances, including Energy Star refrigerators.

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Just a few of the CORE energy saving services that a renter and/or homeowner can potentially receive are:

  • Installation of weathers stripping and door sweeps
  • Interior caulking around all window and doors
  • Installation of low flow showerheads and aerators
  • Insulation of attics, sidewall and/or basement ceilings
  • After approval by Utilities (with state incentives)
  • Repair (or replacement) of windows
  • Cleaning, tuning, testing and repairing of heating systems
  • Replacement of incandescent lighting with fluorescent lighting/ LEDs
  • Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Blower Door Guided Air- sealing
  • Access to other rebates, financing, and incentives

Are You Eligible?

To determine if you are income-eligible, locate your family size on the chart on the right and the corresponding dollar amount. If your family’s combined Gross Annual Income is this amount or less, you meet the state’s 60 percent income median, and qualify for the service.

How Does the HES- IE Program Work?

Choose one of the following methods below to apply for Home Energy Solutions-Income-Eligible (HES-IE). Tenants/renters must have their landlord complete the Owner’s Permission Statement which is included with the application. Landlords are required to grant permission for tenants in their buildings. Call EES at 860-580-9076 to begin the process

Customers without income MUST complete an affidavit in addition to the application.

Mail the completed forms to:
Home Energy Solutions-Income-Eligible
Energy Efficiencies Solution of CT
398 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

HES-IE is supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, a partnership among Connecticut Light and Power, United Illuminating Company, Yankee Gas Services Company, Connecticut Natural Gas Company, and Southern Connecticut Gas Corporation, the state of Connecticut and local Community Action Agencies.