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BEST is committed to providing the best insulation installed to the highest standards.

Our installation installers go beyond local building code and follow the Energy Star v3, RESNet and BPI national standards. All insulation is paired with advanced air sealing to ensure the insulation is effective and performs optimally.

door_blower_4-300x199Air sealing is an important component when insulating your home.

By reducing the amount of air leaking out of your house and flowing through the insulation, we can increase the effectiveness of the insulation. By following industry standards, building code, and using advance tools such as blower doors and thermal imagers, we ensure the air in your attic is ample while providing research proven effective insulation.

Having a Home Energy Solutions assessment completed enables you to qualify for special financing through the CHIF.

Insulation financing is available at 0% interest for 36 months and payments can be included right on your CL&P bill, eliminating another monthly bill to track. We can help you get started call 860-351-3054.

Rebates up to $1.00 off a square foot are available through the Home Energy Solutions program saving you on your insulation investment and reducing your payback period, allowing you to start saving sooner. 

What we insulate 

  • Residential properties, Commercial properties, Apartment buildings, and Condos
  • Attic, walls, ducts, crawl spaces, garages, attic hatches, pull down stairs, whole house fans
  • We use cellulose which is affordable, super-green loose-fill/dense-pack insulation treated for resistance to fire, insects and mold.
  • We offer many insulation options including spray foam, and fiberglass, and provide free estimates.

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